Customer Testimonials

"You have a great product, and this would be a great gift idea".
John Mercure / age 37
Channel 4 news

"This is without a doubt a better mousetrap."
Jim Blair / age 43
Hardware Store Owner

"Can I do it again?"
Jackie De Walt / age 10

"I have been using my Easy Pull Aluminum Can Crusher & Recycling System and it's wonderful."
Dr. James Campbell / age 78

"This is so easy, even the kids can use it!... and I love the flag!"
Dr. Carey Ehlert / age 35

"I've bought others, they just never worked. This is great and unlike anything else!"
Jerry Ash / age 62
Sales Manager

"The is not just another Can Crusher
...This one really works!"

Mark Veley / age 43
Owner, Hardware Accents

"I used to step on the cans and throw them away.
This is an "effortless" way to recycle and get
some extra pocket change. Every home should have one."

Rod Parus / age 52

"You seem to have put a lot of thought into this product.
The storage container is a great idea and a real convenience!"

Don Pawer / age 79
Retired Teacher

"I wasn't convinced until I tried it, where can I get one?"
Joe (last name unknown)

"We need more space. This is the answer.
It's clean, easy and no garbage can!"

Sandy Neff / age 49

"I only used one finger to pull the handle, crush and dispense the can."
Judi Struck
Hardware Store Employee


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