Consider these facts when it comes to recycling:

  • Since 197 more than 123,097 aluminum beverage cans are recycled every minute.
  • In 1972, 53 millions pounds were recycled. Today we exceed that amount weekly.
  • Recycling saves 95% of the energy required to make aluminum from ore, 95% less air pollution and 97% less water pollution.
  • Used aluminum cans that are recycled, return to the store shelves within 60 days.
  • Of all aluminum recycled / 63.9% is used by consumers.
  • In 2000, the aluminum industry paid 1.2 billion dollars for used aluminum cans.
  • On average 2/ 30 gallon bags of crushed aluminum cans are valued at $14.30
    (based on aluminum costs of $.65 per pound / average bag weight of 11 pounds.)

So, why should you recycle?

Recycling saves energy, natural resources and landfill space. In the last decade Americans have thrown away over 1 million tons of aluminum cans, more than 11 million glass bottles and jars, over 4 and a half million tons of office paper and nearly 10 million tons of newspaper. Almost all of this could have been recycled.

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